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MA70 Toyota Supra Turbo Tanabe Downpipe

MA70 Toyota Supra Turbo Tanabe Downpipe

This Tanabe Downpipe for the 1987-1992  Toyota Supra Cost a little over $330 and adds an extra 20 horsepower. It is made from high strength stainless steel and improves efficiency and overall power. This is a great part that results in big horsepower gains when combined with other aftermarket … [More]

WORK Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwami wheel

WORK Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwami Wheel

As successor to the CR, the CR Kai Kiwami been since its launch in January on the wheel of the trendy high-end Japanese brand. WORK Emotion CR Ultimate Kiwami wheel is available in sizes 15 "- 18", also available with hub cap in the colors Silver GT, MatDeepBlack, AshedTitanium and White available. … [More]

black mitsubishi evo 9 long shot

Tuned Mitsubishi Evo 9 – Black on Black

You can tell a lot about the redline of a car. The higher the RPM’s bounce off the Limiter, the more badass your car is…PLAIN AND SIMPLE!This black on black murdered out Evo 9 is tuned to put out more than 850 HP. At 8k RPM more stock cars are done, and few turbocharged cars can even dream of … [More]

Koyama Racing Labo Evo front button

JDM Koyama Racing Labo Evolution X

Last year at the famed Rev Speed Battle at the World Famous Tsukuba track in Japan an interesting orange Evolution X show up to run with the big dogs. All the big players were out in force. Well when everything was said and done the Koyama Racing Labo Evo placed 7th. It just so happens that Tuning … [More]

BMW E90 Wide Body Aero GT3 DTM Zerofighter wing

BMW E90 Wide Body Aero GT3 DTM Zerofighter by ERJ Sports Racing Development

Check out this interesting wide body kit inspired by BMW DTM and GT3 race cars. This unique and rare kit will surely win you some street cred! ERJ Sport Racing Development is a Tokyo based little company that has creates replica body kits based on DTM and GT3 racing cars. Since purchasing real aero … [More]

Tuner Automobiles from Around the World

The vast majority of people out there like to pimp out their car, truck, or SUV in one way or another. Maybe you like to upgrade the wheels, maybe you live in a cold climate and need special tires, or maybe you live in the desert and need a special dash mat cover. Chances are we have all bought an aftermarket part to better our vehcile. But the real proof in the pudding is the amount of real hard-core car enthusiasts around the world. No matter what method of modifications and car tuning you choose, the results are still cool to you and that all that matters. This website brings you the coolest tuner cars from around the world and features JDM, European, Exotic, and Muscle cars that have been fixed up. Thank to the advent of the internet, you can browse parts from manufacturers around the globe. Heck any automotive enthusiast can check out other cool car trends thousands of miles away. But the best part is you can come together as a group of automobile lovers thanks to the web. Now it’s easy to buy a bunch of parts like body kits, intakes and exhausts, rims, lights, seats, and tons of carbon fiber pieces. Go to a website, order some parts, and they arrive at your front door a few weeks later. Pretty Awesome!

JDM and Import Cars

By far the most popular tuner category is the Import Car movement. Having now been around for over a decade; the Import car enthusiast now has literally thousands of resources and car part manufacturer’s to choose from. But these days you cannot simply add a set of wheels and lower you Import car. Now to get any sort of recognition your car needs to be fully tuned and sport tons of crazy upgrade. What’s great about JDM cars is that now all the cool and hottest rides from Japan are making their ways to the U.S. shores. When the movement began there were only high-end JDM turbocharged cars available that were out of the price range for many. Cars like the Toyota Supra, Nissan 300ZX, Mitsubishi 3000GT, and Mazda RX-7 all cost over $30k new. And the tuner parts were also quite expensive and sparse. So most of us had to modify cars like the Honda Civic or Nissan 240SX. But now we have all kinds of great cars to modify like the Subaru Impreza WRX, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan 370Z, GTR and more. There are Import Cars for any budget out there. And you can start buying tuning parts anytime.

Exotic Cars

The simple fact is that 99.9% of us will never be able to afford a high-end exotic car and we certainly won’t be buying parts for one one. But we can still look and dream. There are a handful of exotic car tuners out there that year after year produce some amazing and stunning looking rides. Anyone would be happy with a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but there are those who get their kicks from taking it one step further. And when you see a tuned exotic car; the price of the parts usually add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Just a body kit alone can fetch $10k! These exotic car tuners offer entire packages for their clients. Yes 500 horsepower is great but a couple of extra more horses are always better. So usually exotic cars receive a full tuning package that consists of carbon fiber body panels and spoilers, upgraded intake and exhaust systems, a full ECU retune, interior upgrades, and of course a new set of wheels or rims.

European Cars

Euro cars are seeing a huge surge over the last few years. Now that those who were part of the import craze are getting older and more sophisticated, these car buyers are looking for something with a little more luxury. And European Tuner cars can offer tons of luxury, style, and performance in one package. In fact some of the most famous and prestigious automobiles in the World come from European Manufactures like BWM, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. These tuner Euro cars have powerful engines that are in most cases turbocharged. With this big power also comes the use of AWD. But besides performance these Euro cars come packed with the latest and greatest technology. And the topper on the cake is the amount of luxury packed into each Euro car. Import, Euro, and Exotic cars make up the bulk of the articles here; but you will occasionally see a feature on American Muscle cars and features on SUV. Heck I may even throw in a post on a hybrid car here and there. But one thing all of these cool cars have in common is that they have been changed for the better in one way or another. These automobiles can be upgraded by the factory, by a shop, or even just tuned by their owner. Contact Us to be featured.